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Changes to Enduring Powers of Attorney 2017

March 2017

Changes to Enduring Powers of Attorney have just come into force.

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Healthy Rivers - The implications of cleaning up the Waikato River

By Dale Thomas - February 2017

The Proposed Plan Change 1 for Waikato Regional Council has been dubbed “Healthy Rivers” and is an 80 year plan to clean up the Waikato and Waipa rivers along their entire lengths. The plan change will impact farms in the Waikato Region, of all types, as well as commercial vegetable growers and so it is important that farmers and professionals alike are up to date on what the plan means.

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International trade and Incoterms

By Jonathan Aquilina - January 2017

In this article Jonathan considers some of the issues to consider when contracting to ship goods from overseas.

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KiwiSaver for the first home buyer

By Hayley Roberts - December 2016

This article summarises the potential benefits available with the KiwiSaver scheme for those in the position of “first-home buyer”.

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Could your trust be busted too?

November 2016

For many years, trusts have been used as a form of asset management and/or asset protection. They are still very much a useful tool for this, however, the recent Supreme Court case of Clayton v Clayton is a warning that trusts can be “busted” in certain circumstances.

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