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New standards for the testing of meth-contaminated properties

By Jonathan Aquilina - April 2017

In this article, Jonathan provides an update on the development of new standards for the testing and treatment of meth-contaminated properties.

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Changes to the construction retentions regime

By Jonathan Aquilina - March 2017

In this article we summarise the imminent changes to the construction retentions regime.

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KiwiSaver for the first home buyer

By Hayley Revell - December 2016

This article summarises the potential benefits available with the KiwiSaver scheme for those in the position of “first-home buyer”.

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Changes to the tax regime affecting property transactions

June 2016

The NZ government has recently taken legislative steps with the stated objectives of: collecting more information about property buyers and sellers; improving tax compliance; and cooling the heated property market. In this article Chelsie discusses those measures.

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Are you selling or purchasing a unit title? Do you know about the disclosure requirements?

By Ashlea Murphy - June 2016

When it comes to selling a unit title, a number of unit owners are still not sure about the disclosure requirements and a number of prospective buyers are not clear about the information set out in the required disclosure statements. This article will summarise the different disclosure requirements under the Unit Titles Act 2010 and also provide buyers with more knowledge about the information they receive.

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