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Spotlight on Unit Titles

In February McCaw Lewis Director Thomas Gibbons presented in two Australian forums on one of his areas of expertise, unit titles (known as strata titles in Australia).

Deakin Business School in Melbourne hosted the International Research Forum on Multi-owned Properties, where Thomas presented his paper titled ‘Planning for Intensification: The Role of a Body Corporate in Notification Decisions under the Resource Management Act 1991'. This considered the role of a body corporate vs a local authority in regulating land use. The key conclusions from his presentation included the need for planners to understand unit title legislation and, in kind, bodies corporate must understand planning legislation.

He then went on to Noosa to present at the Australian College of Strata Lawyers (ACSL) 15th Annual Strata Law Conference. This highlighted a trend in New Zealand law to prioritise overall building issues. Thomas concluded: ‘Buildings matter, but put in another way, COMMUNITIES matter; and the needs (and interests) of the many should outweigh those of the few’.

Thomas is the Director of our Property Team and specialises in property and infrastructure law.

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