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Trust and Estate Disputes

Disputes over estates and entitlements from trusts are common. 

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We can advise on challenging a Will or any other dispute arising from an estate or relating to a trust. We are committed to ensuring our clients understand what they are entitled to under the law, and that the outcome of the dispute is fair.

We understand that any dispute process can be difficult, and when it relates to family the stress can be further heightened. Our team will advocate for you while keeping a firm handle on what is fair under the law.

Our disputes team is highly experienced in all aspects of family and company trusts, and are experts in challenging Wills under various legislation. We act for estates, claimants, trustees and beneficiaries, providing advice. We also have experienced estate, trust and property teams to ensure that your assets are properly cared for once the dispute is resolved.

While a negotiated settlement is likely is the preferred option, you can trust that our team have extensive court experience and the ability to develop strategies, and anticipate and manage risks when it comes to civil litigation.

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Estate Disputes and Challenging a Will

The sadness and stress that the death of a loved one brings can be even more complex when someone believes that the deceased’s Will is not fair, or they are concerned about the actions of the executor of the Will.  

Seeking legal advice to determine what you may be entitled to is commonplace, and you may wish to challenge the Will or raise a dispute about how an estate is being handled. 

We can assist with:

  • Challenging Wills or validating a document as a Will under the following Acts:
    • Family Protection Act.
    • Testamentary Promises Act.
    • Property (Relationships) Act.
  • Disputes between executors.
  • Administration issues.

Trust Disputes

Family and company trusts are often complex, and trust disputes often arise due to differing views and personalities amongst trustees and/or trustee misconduct. Inter-trustee disputes can be tricky to manage and resolve.

If your trust is not operating as it should, either because of inter-trustee disputes or issues or otherwise, we are here to help.

We can assist with:

  • Disputes between beneficiaries and trustees.
  • Administration issues.


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